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Recordable Storage

-Well most of us have a re-write CD-ROM. This is used in real life to copy programs and give to your buddy's. This is because you couldn't afford the software and lets you pirate good stuff. Now the way I should put that is more like this. The re-write CD-ROM is for valuable data storage and lets you hand valuable data files to your colleagues. Anyway, they are pretty neat and not always the easiest thing to use. I have one that is pretty top of the line and love it but the software is very unstable. I think the manufacturers got the drives where they need to be but software really needs to catch up or change vendors. I am not naming names here but the software is pretty universal on most re-write CD-ROM's. Now how do these things tick and what's the difference in a CD-ROM and a Re-Write CD-ROM?

CD-R Storage

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