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-So some of you may be wandering what the K6 is or want to know more about it. The K6 chip was just the start and now we are looking at K6 II and in the future the K6-7(Athlon).

-The K6 was launched April of 1997 and was the first taste Intel had of real competition. The K6 stood out in performance and proved faster than the Pentium Pro, MMX, and even the Pentium II in the same clock speeds. Also the K6 used a different connection called Socket 7 which Pentium long gave up on. K6 simply took the older technology and made it better. Another good side to the Socket 7 was economics, the socket 7 was simply cheaper.

-Here are some specs on the ole K6. This even today is still a great processor.

Spec's First Generations Second Generation
Clock Speed 166,200,233 MHz 266,300 MHz+
L1 Cache 32kb/32kb 32kb/32kb
L2 Cache Speed 60,66 MHz 60, 66 MHz
MMX Yes Yes
Pipelines Two Two
Data Bus Int/Ext 32-bit/32-bit 32-bit/32-bit
Number Of Transistors 8 million 8 million
Manf Process .35 Micron CMOS .25 Micron CMOS
Package Type Socket 7 Socket 7

-The processor offers great performance and makes good use of MMX technology. If you run across one go ahead and pick it up. Its a good bargain and there are plenty of socket 7 boards available out there. Check out some Benchmarks below!

k6_bench.gif (19092 bytes)


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