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-The K6 II is clearly a kick butt cheap CPU. No doubt it is overlooked by most people. In most cases you will find this CPU for the low end market out there. The funny thing is that you are getting really great performance that is very similar to the Pentium II's for much less.

-These chips are running well over 400 MHz now and are a good buy. AMD is using a revision called sharptooth on its processor. This adds 256k of integrated L2 cache that can run at the speed of the CPU itself. Not only does this make the CPU bigger but 21.3 million transistors bigger that is. This is up from 8 million on it predecessor the K6. Also there is L3 Cache support allowing 512KB of cache or better to sit between the CPU and system Memory.

-Check out some specs on the k6 CPU.

Specs First Generation Second Generation
Clock Speed 266, 300, 350 MHz 350,400MHz+
L1 Cache 32kb/32kb 32kb/32kb
L2 Cache Speed 100 MHz 350 MHz+
Pipelines Two Two
Data Bus Int/Ext 32-bit/32-bit 32-bit/32-bit
Number Of Transistors 8 Million 21.3 Million
Manuf Process .25 Micron .25 Micron
Package Type Super 7 Super 7

-If you come across one of these little guys I recommend buying one! They are still being made and will be for a while. You can pick one up very cheap and its very dependable. Here are some current K6 II benchmarks, take a look below.

k6II_bench.gif (22541 bytes)



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