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-The Superdisk may take over the floppy drives seat the near future. The Superdisk itself is a lot like the floppy on steroids. The inner workings are very similar but have included a better read write head along with a laser. This media was developed by 3M and is now being sold on many retail machines. The SuperDisk also will except regular floppy disk and SuperDisk diskettes.

-When looking at the SuperDisk Diskettes you will notice they are very much alike. The Diskette itself uses what is called dual layer coating and metal particle pigment. Sound pretty damn exotic doesn't it? The older floppy uses ferrite material which gave it its higher density. The SuperDisk diskettes are specially formatted with a laser and makes what is called a servo pattern. This pattern will allow the laser in the Drive it self as a guide. It also cannot be erased or corrupted during reads/writes.

The Insides

-The SuperDisk is very similar to the floppy. It contains the read/write heads,actuator, and the spindle motor. All of these which have been improved by adding a laser for more accuracy. The read/write is faster a long with faster spin speeds. The floppy disk can and will work in the SuperDisk and allows for faster transfer rates. Now don't expect it to make the floppy drive hold more than what it supposed to but it will pull information faster strictly due to spin speeds.

-The optical head(laser) will guide the read/write head to track location on the diskette which does contain 2,490 data tracks. However, the floppy only had about 135 tracks per inch thus showing us the improvement in density. This is overall an improvement but just give it while and it will be even better. Something I get a kick out of is my digital camera. I have a diskette that inserts into the camera that is only a inch wide X a inch tall. This disk can hole more than a conventional floppy. This is kind of a drag because it tells me that there are many technologies that are better than what we have now. This means we will have to wait for everyone to get together and agree on something that's affordable and marketable.

-Something else that is nice to mention is Formats! The SuperDisk does come in IDE format as a internal installation and Parallel as a external installation. The SuperDisk can also be booted like the conventional floppy drive allowing you to use it the same but only with many needed improvements.

Installing a Floppy

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