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Hard Drive

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The Hard Drive

-Wow, this is not an easy one but very useful. The hard drive has come a ways in just the last few years. A 1 gigabyte hard drive was a monster at one time and now is to small. Thankfully time has improved it and we can all have the room we need. Now what is it about hard drives? What make them fast and slow? What is the difference between SCSI and IDE? What should you look for in your next upgrade and installation? Well I will try to cover all of these along with how this bad boy works.

-The hard drive is a data workhorse of the system. The drive is a magnetic based recorder and reader. For you the user the hard drive is going to be intimidating if you don't take the time to get to know it. Most hard drives end up outliving the system itself and are fairly dependable. Most problems derived from a hard drive are usually the data on it itself. This kinda ends up being your fault. haha. Now if you looked into the floppy section you will see some similarities to the Hard Drive. The hard drive does contain a read/write head, actuator, spindle. This isn't brain surgery but is fairly complicated operation, it is amazing that the hard drive can keep up with data as it is.

How Hard Drives Work


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