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How Controllers Work

-The controller is usually incorporated as a chipset or as a expansion card on the motherboard, drive itself. The controller is just that, it controls data transfer and holds on to those bits of information and needs to have some intelligence. This controller will have to be able to talk to all components in its string and will become more critical as time goes on. Most of the controllers that you look at are already built into the drive and into the motherboard itself. There is also something called a burst rate. This is the maximum of which data can be passed through the controller. The data needs a path to hook itself from the hard drive to the motherboard. This is with the use of a cable. This cable will go into the adapter card or the IDE controller already built into the motherboard on newer systems. Now with the argument of who uses smarter interfaces. SCSI or IDE, which one is better and should you go get the SCSI hard drive?



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