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-Now we need to cover interfaces. What is the proper drive for you and what is with IDE and SCSI? Well, the best way to answer this one is the difference in Ford and Chevy.

-IDE (Integrated Drive Electronics), this interface has been around a while and is most popular due to being fairly cheap. Now don't let IDE confuse you when we talk of controllers. The IDE is just a controller that is attached to the hard drive itself. With this connection it will then go into the system bus via a cable. Also IDE and EIDE is called ATA this is a misnomer. Some people can make there minds up to what is what. The reason's behind incorporating the controller on the drive was to cut down confusion with other manufacturers standards. This allows the hard drive maker to set itself up and insure the drive will work ok. Now how many drives can a IDE control? IDE can control 2 devices and EIDE can control 4 with primary and secondary slots on the board. Now when we want to get into SCSI you will see has many as 32 devices on one controller. Not to shabby huh? But this privilege is not without price.

-SCSI (Small Computer Serial Interface), this is a pretty popular interface and is also faster, and more expensive. Some of the variations of SCSI is Fast, Ultra, Ultrawide, Fastwide SCSI. This can get confusing. But to put it in easy terms the SCSI in general allows more devices hooked onto one connection. The SCSI uses a smarter logic in the controller and is better with multiple task. What should you buy IDE or SCSI? I would go with SCSI if the money allows it but IDE is cheaper and does a good job. The only difference to note on a SCSI and the IDE is just the controller chip that is in the Hard Drive itself. Again this is Ford and Chevy but SCSI can offer higher data rates but the price may not be worth it to you. If not, go with IDE you more than likely already have it and you can always get a faster IDE drive cheaper than the ole SCSI.

-A Note, most of the time when you buy a hard drive the only difference in the drive itself is just the controller, that's it. There are no magical new parts in the hard drive just a different controller with more logic.

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