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How to Manually Install Drivers

Windows 95/98/ME

-Now there are times when you need to manually install a device rather than use a wizard. This is easy and still uses a little bit of the wizard to accomplish this task.

-From the start button on windows click settings, control panel, systems, click device tab.

-Choose your device under the device tab and double click it.

-Choose Driver Tab

-Choose Update Driver

- Choose "Search for a better driver".

-The next dialog box will give you a list of a floppy,CD-ROM, and so on. Choose the installation media type you are using and click "next".

-Now when if your unsure of the location of the software on the disk is usually in a INF. file type. Also look in any corresponding folders for example win95 or win 98 and even drivers. Refer to your software documentation if you cant find it. Windows will also tell you if there is information about your device in the next dialog box.

-Now that you chosen the drive simply hit "ok" of "next".

-If you found the right driver you will see a dialog box with the new information in it. Hit "next" or "ok"

-Windows will build a database of needed drivers from the one you selected and you will need to reboot.

-Your installed.

Windows 2000/XP

-Manually installing a driver software is easy, you will need to manually install a driver for various reasons, the main one is driver updates.

-Go to start>control panel and click systems. Go to the hardware tab and click device manager. Look for the device you want to update the driver for and double click it. Go to the driver tab and click on update driver.

-A screen will pop up like in the automatic install. Select "install for a list or specific location" this time and click next. Uncheck "search removable media" and check "include this location in search". Click the browse button and go to the directory where you saved your new driver. (if its on CD just search removable media and it will find it).

-Click next and it will attempt to install the driver. Once done click next and your new driver is install. A reboot might be required for the device to work properly.


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