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(Trouble Shooting The Case And Power Supply)

-The most common problem with printers is simply being dirty. By taking one apart and cleaning it you may save a bundle. Laser printers are really bad about getting dirty simply because of the roughness of the toner. For the most part some preventive maintenance can go a long ways with a printer. If you have a professional in your area have them clean your printers often.

-Now what about cartridges and replacing? Try cleaning the bottom of the cartridge first incase of clogging. This is again another typical problem with inkjet printers. Its is a pleasant surprise to be able to make your printer work by only cleaning the cartridge jet.

(Laser Troubles)

-Has I spoke of before the toner in these machines can cause a grimy buildup inside the machine. The reason behind this is the toner contains iron oxide which is mildly abrasive and static electricity in printer attracts dirt. The combination of both can cause the machine permanent damage if not cleaned regularly.

-If when printing your laser printer makes pages with vertical stripes this is an indication of a dirty roller. This amounts to dirt making it into the Teflon.

-Cleaning, when cleaning try and uses compressed air, Q-tips, and even a paint brush. This is adequate for a good cleaning. Now some advice your printer really needs. Do NOT uses liquids to clean the printer. Even liquid solvents can be a bad thing, this will only make the problem worse.

(Ink Jets)

-It not often that a home use printer goes bad but there are those days. Most of the problems that you will run into amount to dirty cartridges and paper jams. Sometimes printers to simply wear out though. Gears and the printer motor can go bad on you. If you think that your problem is worse than these you may have a faulty board in the printer itself. Some printers have there own motherboard and processor which can add a whole new sort of problem. Of course most of these high end printers are for business solutions. Check out some of the tips below for more idea's if unsure.

-The best thing for your printer is to clean it. Clean the cartridge head and with compressed air blow out any dirt and dust that may affect operation.

(Possible Solutions)

-Well there are a few things that are really easy to do in order to make the printer work again. Sometimes the problem is very simple.

-Check Cable, make sure the printer cable connections are good between the printer and computer. If using a parallel switcher make sure its switched for your machine, also suspect this as maybe being faulty. Switches do go bad every blue moon.

-Status, make sure printer is online

-Check Supplies, make sure you have paper in the printer. Insure that the printer has an adequate amount of toner or ink.

-Power,this one is a given but I am surprise how many times it happens. I commonly kick my printer power cable without knowing it and it drives me nuts.

-check printer settings if they have changed recently.



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