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How to of Case and Power Supply


-The case doesn't require much handling or installation. There are a few details of adding feet but nothing that you cant figure our with common since. The biggest problem is just getting it ready for the motherboard which it isn't all that difficult at that. If you are building or installing a computer refer to |Building a PC| this will give more detail to setting up the case. 

Power Supply's

-So you probably figured out that your power supply is no good or just want another one with more wattage? Well your at the right place. The power supply is a fairly easy install and doesn't get much easier than this.

Uninstalling A Power Supply

-Now first thing make sure and mark any wires you remove from motherboard so you can match them up later. This can be the hardest thing to do and can screw you up a bit. If this is a clean install then you are in good shape. If you have components in the case go ahead and take note of what is plugged where. If you are installing a ATX power supply you will have a single 20 pin connector to the motherboard, and also a 4 pin 12v connector (square one). Not hard to miss. Now, pay attention to your drive leads, These are what plugs into the your drives. The order they go in and come out is not critical so don't worry over marking them. Mainly try to make yourself familiar with the power connector's for the motherboard such as the 20 pin and 4pin 12v (square one).

-20 Pin ATX power connector. This will plug into the motherboard. Notice how it is keyed to go in one way.

The 20 pin ATX connector


1.Unplug current power supply

2.Loosen the screws that retain the power supply. You should also remove the case's cover for this.

3.Slide power supply out through back or case or from inside. This depends on how the case is made but it easy to recognize. Also you may have a lead attached to a power switch. Undo and make sure to mark down how the leads were set so new power supply will match.

4.Take new power supply and insure it is switched to 115 if in US.

5.Slide new power supply into case.

6.Secure new power supply with screws that came with it.

7.Take new leads and reattach as original assembly.

-Now you may find that the color coding isn't the same or varies slightly. Check with your documentation that came with power supply or call vendor to insure a proper fit electrically. 


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