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-DSL (Digital Subscriber Line), this technology is pretty neat and allows you to use your phone line. The good side is it is faster than ISDN and about 500% cheaper. If you cant get the cable modem go for DSL. The idea of the DSL is to make use of a different frequency of the phone line. You will find this in the 4khz range and also you can carry on a conversation while online. Cool huh!? The DSL is just using existing copper lines already out there. There is however a big need to improve the switching so that the DSL can work but is well worth it. DSL isn't simple and has to complete a long list of networks, routers and modems. The service is getting cheap and for about 49.00 bucks a month or more you are in business. For the office this is a good alternative since its cheaper and better than ISDN and most offices don't use cable TV, it may be the only route to go.

-Another thing to remember about DSL is it is similar to 56k analog modem technology. It cannot send and receive at the same rate as the ISDN, but its still fast. The data rates on the receiving end are as much as 1.5Mbps and sending at 630k. This means that you are still sending 5 times faster than a ISDN and really smoking a 56k modem. So what is better than DSL and a little cheaper? Cable Modems!! Coax is a bandwidth demon.. Invest... Invest... I am telling you.. You might be rich one day!!

Ups And Downs Of DSL

-One of the sorry sides of any DSL technologies is that you must live close to a DSL phone switch. This sucks to be honest and if your are in the country you might be in trouble for this one. If you are in the city your in good shape ( We Hope). So how far is to far from a DSL switch. This depends on what flavor of DSL you are wanting and may be as close as 4,500 feet or as far as 18,000 feet. The best thing is check into it. Like everything else things change and they may come out with some amazing new thing that will fix this. Look around locally for this service but I don't recommend getting ISDN unless its cheap in your area.

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