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-In order for us to break the bandwidth bottleneck we need something better than the 56k modem and something that doesn't just run analog/digital. We want all digital and want it fast. Even today just to play a game of Quake over the internet you need a good modem. Most Gamers are always trying to improve this on there analog modem and to be honest its a waste. The analog modem is no match now for the bigger advances of the internet such as video conferencing, gaming, streaming video, and so on. Now wouldn't it be nice to download a 18 MB file in a minute and a half? I have done it before but not with a analog modem I used a cable modem. I had to have a better way to transmit this information that was more dependable. The cable modem is still in trials but getting better. Why don't we all have one yet? Cable companies are still building up there infrastructure and some just don't care about spending the money yet. These are the companies that really don't want to turn a profit. Something that is going to happen with Digital connections is that companies like AOL, Mindspring and so on will run out of business. If they do not take advantage of cable they will be out in the cold. People know that they can get better service FAST like it supposed to be and do it cheap. Cable service for the most part frees up the phone line in your house and take a extra 20.00 bucks off your internet bill. Most cable companies charge 40-50 bucks a month for service so you end up paying the same price for 300% increase in performance. Look into it folks. Better than that invest in some stock with your local cable company if they are doing anything with cable modems. I predict that most of us will go this route for internet service and it will become cheaper than it is now.


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