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Some Notes

-What's is sad about the modem is its environment. When you are in a area with bad phone lines or just poor switching you may never get a good connection. If you live in a country or rural area the phone lines may not be to great of quality. For those people that live in a urban area most of the time the phone lines and switching is better. There is a big interest for phone company's to make there lines better just for the added business. In reality by you having a extra phone line and getting on the internet this forces the phone company to make things better. If there is always a circuit busy message they may start losing customers. But then again most phone company's have you by the tail only because they are the only phone company in town.

-If you are looking into buying a better modem make sure the phone lines can handle it. Buying a 56k modem wont do much good even on a bad phone line. But if the lines are good and the telephone company allows high baud rates, go for it! Your connection may be better but not the fastest. The only way to go in my opinion is DSL or a cable modem. Read more in Digital Modems for more information. If you want to know more about 56k or modems in general go to || ..


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