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Power Management and Integration

-Now on most newer monitors they allow for less power consumption such as standby modes, and sleep modes. This may also be a feature on your system itself. Now I want to go into more of what the modes are and why they can save you a buck on electricity and wear and tear.

-Stand By modes, this allows the electron gun in the monitor to shut down blanking the screen. This cuts down added stress on the gun and the phosphor material on the glass tube. You can return to operation by simply hitting space bar on the keyboard for most part.

-Sleep Modes, this allows for the monitor to shut down completely with 0 watts going to the electron gun. The power saving and wear and tear are taking down to a all time low. The only bad side to this is it takes longer for the monitor to start up again.

-Look for Energy Star Compliance on your new monitor for best results. Monitors can draw a easy 700 watts so look for a energy compliant monitor to cut down on this electric bill.

-Integration, this can be nice if you want to have a microphone added onto your monitor or even speakers. This adds a streamline effect to the monitor but can also hinder you. The reason I say this is, if something breaks on the monitor you will be replacing everything rather than just one. Now a speaker phone and speakers are cheap enough but think about this when shopping. Non-integrated is a better way to go for future expandability and upgrades.


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