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-There are a few things to consider when buying a monitor and this is the screen. Now the next section talks about LCD displays but we want to talk more about the CRT.

-The quality on the screen is directly affected by what is called a shadow mask. Now with the shadow mask we need to be concerned with the aperture grill of the mask. This comes down to dot pitch. The dot pitch is a specification you will see on the side of the monitor. This tells you a little about how well images on the screen will look. Not only does resolution come into play but dot pitch and even your video card. The dot pitch measures how far apart the center of a pixel is from the others. The less the dot pitch rating the better. Most 15" monitors and about feature .28 dot pitch. The larger you monitor the lower the dot pitch should be.

-For the long run looking at the display of different monitors seems to be the ultimate factor. Take a look at Video cards to get even a better idea of resolutions and dot pitch.

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