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-When it comes to format we all need to pay attention not only to motherboard format but also case format. The formats used today are mainly the ATX, and the AT. These are the only styles you should worry about until things change again and there is a better alternative.

AT- this is a design that is fathered after IBM and very common. Though the style is old and not really recommended today. There are many motherboard manufacturers that still make AT boards for those trying to save a buck.

Baby AT- The baby AT is a smaller than the AT and is found in many cloned IBM machines today. Like the AT it is an old style and is slowly fading out to the ATX.

ATX- this is becoming the standard and a nice motherboard. The board is modeled after the baby AT design except the board is turned 90 degrees in the case allowing much room for big expansion cards.

-For those of you that go ahead and throw in a few more dollars and get a ATX motherboard and the case you will be very pleased. The transition is an easy one from the old school style of the AT format to the new ATX.

-So what it the Core parts of the motherboard and what do they do for you? Check out some of the components and learn more.

Core Components

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