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Mice and Other Rodents

-The mouse is one of the neatest features to ever go on to a computer. The idea of clicking an item to launch it and interact with is a interesting one. At one time the invention of the mouse was looked at as a joke on a computer. Now this is just the opposite. Without the mouse we would have more keyboard time than we really want. I remember working on the Apple IIe computer at school which didn't have a mouse. We had to learn all the keyboard commands and this was a pain. If any of you ever played with the old TRS-80 from Radio Shack and programmed it you really had some keyboard experience. By the way if anyone has this old computer, I will buy it from you if its in good shape.

-Now, how does the mouse work? What kind of mice are out there and is one better than the other? Answering these wont be to hard and there's not to much to elaborate on in a mouse. But, lets look at it anyway.

Inside The Mouse

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