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How The Mouse Works

-You may have taken your mouse apart at one time and even cleaned it with some amount of success. They do get dirty quick don't they!? Now when looking in the mouse you will notice a small rubber ball. This ball of course spins and rubs up against roller bard inside the mouse. There is a bar that determines Y(Vertical) and X(horizontal). When you move your mouse around you also spin these roller bars indicating a vertical position or a horizontal position. Not real complicated is it?

-Now we need something to read the bars and send the signal back to the motherboard and let it in on what's going on. This is were a motion digitizer comes in. The digitizer interprets the turning of these rollers in measurements of hundredths of an inch. This in turn sends the information to the computer and tells it that the mouse moved half a inch Y and 3 inches X. Just a example of course. Now there are mice that can detect motion up to 1/400th of an inch. This can be important especially if you design graphics and such or need real precision. Something else to note about the mouse and the motion digitizer is that the digitizer doesn't know where the mouse is on screen. It simply just tell the system what the movement was, the operating system must worry about the mouse placement. Mice also work off of a driver that is pretty generic in windows.

-Buttons, we have to have buttons . Every time you double click something we have to get a signal to the computer. This is done with sensors below the mouse buttons. If possible get a three button mouse,more software these days ads more features for the three button mouse.

-Scroller, if you ever used Office 97 you might have tried the scroller wheel. This little device lets you scroll a page with out constantly clicking the arrows on a text box or window. Also the three button mice do this also. One thing about these mice is they don't scroll all applications and it is usually a Microsoft product that allows you to do it.

-Ergonomics, a nice comfortable mouse is a good thing to consider when shopping. The mouse I have at the moment is made by Logitech and is shaped like it can fly. The good thing about a more ergonomic design is less stress on you hand. Keyboards come in to this area and really help cut down on hand stress.

Mouse Alternatives

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