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Scanning Software

-When installing a scanner you will be prompted to install a TWAIN driver. This driver is just a interface for the scanner and is supposed to make your life easier while scanning. After making use of your TWAIN you need some good software to change the image around a little and in different formats.

-Well now that you have a picture what do you use to add effects or text? This is were the graphic software comes in. Most manufacturers throw in a software bundle for this. If you want to get professional with it you may want to use a better editor. Adobe makes a line of editors called PhotoShop. This is used by most graphics artist. I personally like it and use it along with about a million others to get an effect I like. Some of these graphic editor are very expensive. There is no problem spending 600.00 for a copy of photo shop. There are however good editors out there a little less hard on the wallet.

Installing a Scanner


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