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Buying a Printer

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-The printer is a handy little device for printing everything from T-shirts to pictures of the kids. Buying one can be a little aggravating since they all seem to print well and fast. Be warned though there are always hidden cost such as the color printer cartridge. I personally have a cheap little Canon Printer that prints in color. The original cost was $125.00 and I spend probably $50.00 a month in printer cartridges. The cartridges cost around $36.00 a piece for color and $26.00 for black and white. Doesn't make much since does it? The printer isn't the real expense its the replacement cartridges. The only way around this is to find a place that will refill your cartridges for a really low price. This is becoming a good business for those who have caught on to it. Now some of the printers out there do make better use of there cartridges than others but buyer beware. Check out the cost of your cartridges first!

-Look into a color ink jet printer that can produce at least 2 pages per minute. Anything less will run you up a wall. If you want to go the laser printer route look for 4-8 pages per minute for personal uses and 16-40 pages per minute for networks.

-In the past I have found that Hewlett Packard makes a great printer. Canon also makes a good printer that is very affordable. If you have the money look into a Hewlett, you will get what you pay for.

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