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Buying a Monitor

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CRT Monitor's

-The monitor is a good investment and buy the best! This item along with your mouse and keyboard really will determine comfort. You want as big as you can afford. Remember to get a decent Video Card that will support you big monitor purchase, 8 MB of RAM or higher! The main thing to look at in a monitor is size such as 17",19", and so on. Another term that will be thrown at you is the dot pitch rating, the lower the better. A 15" monitor should be at least a .28 dot pitch rating. For more on monitors check out this section. If you purchase a monitor above 15" which you should insure a low dot pitch. The main deciding factor is looking at the monitor itself and judging the color.

Flat Screens

-Another monitor that is becoming pretty popular is the Flat Screen Display. In all honesty they are not worth it at the moment and do not offer the performance of a CRT monitor. They may look attractive but re-consider a few times before opening up the wallet. Learn more here.


-Look for at least a two year warranty or better from the manufacturer and don't pay for an extra warranty from the vendor!


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