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Buying a Scanner

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-The scanner is a must if you want to make copies of pictures or any type of media. When going to the store and selecting a scanner look for a flatbed if at all possible. They do take up space but achieve the best scans. What to look for when buying a scanner:


  • Optical Resolution of 1200dpi

  • Color Depths of 30-36 bits

  • Fast SCSI, or USB connector

  • Optional Slide scanner Attachment for 35mm slides

-If you want to go the professional route check into some really good imaging software such as Adobe PhotoShop.


  • Optical Resolution of 300X300dpi

  • 24 Bit Color Support

  • SCSI, Parallel, USB connector

  • Good TWAIN software OCR

  • Good imaging software such as Adobe Photoshop

-Hewlett Packard makes a good line of scanners that I have had good luck with. To learn more about scanners refer below.



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