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Sound Card - Making The Noise

-As with most external cards we have to take digital information and turn into analog. The sound card is no exception and uses Digital to Analog converters onboard. Now what kind of components are on your board? This is most likely what your sound board will contain and the functions of them.

-Digital to Analog Converters, this as discussed early take digital information and converts it to analog. This does work vice versa, example is recording your voice on the system. It will record it from our analog world only to be turned into a digital format for the computer.

-Audio Processing Chip, as the name implies.

-Amplifier Chip, this will boost outbound signals for older systems with speakers that cant amplify themselves. Most speakers today do the job just fine.

-Analog Ports, this is found on the backside of card for input/output devices such as speakers, microphones, CD-Audio, game controller.

-Extras, some sound boards have extra chips for MIDI controllers and even RAM/ROM chips to store MIDI information and more.

-Most soundcards have to run different types of sound and are limited. The most typical is WAV. (Windows) or MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) these are very typical. Most of you have downloaded that cheesy webpage that has a MIDI file on it. Some are real pathetic and some are really great. This depends on the MIDI of course and the channels available in the Sound card. Take a look at the information laid out about sound formats for more information.


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