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Windows 95

Installation Steps

-Step 1-

-Scandisk Checks Your Hard Drive

-After invoking the Setup Wizard, the first thing that you will see depends on if you started Setup from within Windows, or from the DOS prompt.

-If you started Setup from the DOS prompt, you will see Scandisk, the DOS disk repair utility, perform a check of your local hard drives for errors, giving you an opportunity to correct any it finds. Windows 95 will not install on a system that has hard drive errors reported.

-If you start Setup from within Windows 3.1x, then you will see a small informational dialog box that says "Windows is now performing a routine check of your system." Should Scandisk find any errors on the drive, you will notified of the problem, and be advised to run Scandisk to correct them. To do this quit the Setup program, exit Windows to the DOS prompt, and with the CD in the CD ROM drive, or the 1st diskette in the floppy drive, type:

x:Scandisk /all

where "x" is the letter of the CD-ROM or Floppy Drive

Then just follow the directions on the screen until Scandisk has corrected all your disk problems. Restart Windows, and then restart the SETUP program for Windows 95.

Hardware Requirements

Back Up

Step #1 - Scandisk Checks Your Hard Drive

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Step #11 - Installing The Source Files

Step #12 - Finalizing The Computer's Configuration

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