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Windows 95

Installation Steps

-Step 3-

-Checking For Available Disk Space

-After you have specified the Windows 95 installation directory, Setup will then perform a check for available disk space. Although the minimum requirements for disk space depend on what type of installation you are going to perform, Microsoft recommends the following:


No Previous Operating System

49 MB With A Compact Installation

56 MB With A Typical Installation


34 MB With A Compact Installation

41 MB With A Typical Installation


34 MB With A Compact Installation

41 MB With A Typical Installation

-Keep in mind that these figures are just estimates. The actual amount of disk space that Windows 95 consumes will depend on the options you select to install. Also, Windows 95's Setup program creates many temporary files that it deletes upon a successful installation, so your disk space requirements during the install are actually higher than what Microsoft recommends. As a rule of thumb, make sure you have at least 100 MB of free disk space available to perform the installation, even though the net reduction in disk space will only be about 50 MB upon completion.

Hardware Requirements

Back Up

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