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Windows 95

Installation Steps

-Step 4-

-The "Get Connected" Dialog Box

-Microsoft Corporation is very proud of the networkability of their Windows 95 product, and they'd like to give you the opportunity to "Get Connected" by giving you the option to select 3 components that let you do just that.

-The "Get Connected" dialog box offers 3 selections, and selecting any of them will install Microsoft's Exchange client. Exchange is a universal "In-Box" for electronic mail and faxes. The three options are:


-Microsoft has its own online service that offers internet access, software libraries and forums that cater to all different types of interest groups. Selecting this option only installs the software needed to connect to the Microsoft Network. Establishing a user account to that service is a separate procedure.


-Unless you are connected to a Local Area Network and your coworkers all correspond using Microsoft Mail, or you have intentions of setting up a Microsoft Network account, do not install this option. Should you later determine that you need Microsoft Mail, you can always install it later.


-Choosing this option will allow you to send and receive fax transmissions with your computer if you have a PC that is equipped with a Fax modem. Microsoft Fax uses Microsoft Exchange as a universal in-box for Fax transmissions.

Hardware Requirements

Back Up

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