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Windows 95

Installation Steps

-Step 5-

-The 'Setup Options' dialog box presents you with four choices, of which you can only select one. The options are for a "Typical", "Portable", "Compact", or "Custom" installation of Windows 95. This dialog box is a little misleading, since there is no indication as to just what components will be installed for any of the options that are selected. It is therefore, recommended to select the "CUSTOM" radio button. If this is selected, later on during the setup process, you will receive an opportunity to pick and choose just which options you'd like to install.

Hardware Requirements

Back Up

Step #1 - Scandisk Checks Your Hard Drive

Step #2 - Choosing The Windows 95 Directory

Step #3 - Checking For Available Disk Space

Step #4 - The "Get Connected" Dialog Box

Step #5 - The 'Setup Options' dialog box

Step #6 - "About" dialog box

Step #7 - The Hardware Detection Phase

Step #8 - Choosing The Components Of A Custom Install

Step #9 - The "Computer Settings" dialog box

Step #10 - Creating An Emergency Startup Disk

Step #11 - Installing The Source Files

Step #12 - Finalizing The Computer's Configuration

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