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Easy Install Of Software

-Well lets say you just bought a game and really ready to play it. how do you install it into Windows? Most times this is done by simply sticking the CD in the CD-ROM drive while computer is running and automatically starts up. But sometimes it doesn't work like that.

-Now from start menu click settings, control panel, add/remove programs.

-From the add/remove programs dialog box choose "install". Make sure your software media is in the drive.

-Choose next so windows can detect your software.

-If all goes well you windows will find the setup.exe file and choose "ok" or "next".

-Now what if windows didn't find it? We need to take a look at the disk itself and hunt it down.

-From start button, click programs, go to accessories and click "windows explorer". (will be found in programs for Win 95/98/ME)

-In windows explorer choose the drive were your installation disk is.

-Now simply browse the disc for a execute file such as "setup" or "install" as an example. This should work. If not refer to your manufacturers directions.

Uninstall Software

-Removing programs really screws people up. What ends up happening is they remove a file or a shared component that causes all kinds of errors in other programs. Now what happens for the most part is you will call technical service and they direct you to format your hard drive. This should never need to happen if your careful. Now the best way to uninstall a program is through the control panel.

-From the start menu choose control panel, add/remove programs.

-Choose you program to be uninstalled from the list.

-Click add/remove

-You will be prompted "do you really want to remove"

-choose yes

-Windows will automatically uninstall the software.

-Now, if asked at anytime about deleting a shared drive choose to keep it. It wont hurt anything! The bulk of the program will be removed saving you a lot of heartache.

Manual Uninstall

-If you program wasn't in the list try looking for an uninstall that came with the program. This can be done by looking at the folder for you software.

-At windows start menu click programs.

-Choose windows explorer under accessories>programs

-Look under you C drive or where ever your primary storage device is.

-Find folder and double click it.

-If there is a manual uninstall in the folder choose it.

-Now if now uninstall program in your folder and add/remove programs didn't work you can delete the files in the folder.

-Now before we go into the deleting of files let me make something clear. When deleting files DO NOT delete any driver files if you are unsure that other windows programs use them on a shared basis. If unsure the best thing to do is keep them.

-Click on the files you want deleted or even the whole folder if you know that windows doesn't use the drivers in it. With folder or file highlighted right click on it. You will see a command that says delete.

-Choose "delete"

-You will be asked if you want to delete this file.

-Choose "Yes"

-Your file will be sent to the recycle bin that is located on the desktop.

-Let your computer run for a few days and if no trouble you can safely go to the recycle bin and Dump it. If you think that you erased something important you can go to the recycle bin and choose to Restore the files.

-Keeping your recycle bin contents intact for a few days is a great safeguard against future problems.

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