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The Alternative To Windows? Linux Operating System
Making A Linux Boot Up Disk

-Sometimes you will get a copy of linux that has no boot disk. You will need one in order to get to the installation steps and load good ole tux into your system. We will need a blank floppy disk and a Red Hat CD-ROM or another Linux Version. Now we have a Red Hat and SuSe Linux boot disk available for download. If you would prefer to make your own we will show you the steps below:

1. Have you Red Hat CD-ROM available or at least a source directory.
2. Have a formatted floppy disk in your A: drive or whatever designates your floppy drive.
3. In windows start button, click run, type "command" and select "ok".
4. You will see a "C:\ WINDOWS \ Desktop"
5. Type D: for your CD-ROM
6. Type cd\dosutils
7. You should see "D:\ DOSUTILS\>"
8. Type rawrite
9. The next option you are given will be "Enter Disk Image Source File". You will now select the directory of the file you want to copy onto a floppy disk. Type "d: \images\ boot.img" with no spaces, and hit enter.
10. You will now be asked for a target drive, choose A: or whatever your floppy drive is.

-Your Done Making the Boot Disk.

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