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Video Card

-So, you know a little about the components on the Video Board, how does all this stuff work? This is a nightmare to answer, kidding. Video boards can really add more to a old computer just by being able to display more on screen. More color and clarity, and a better refresh rate. Now there are some systems along with your Video card to take a look at. This is something that will pop up later on the box so pay attention. This is helpful and gives you an appreciation for the work that the Video Card must perform.

-Performance, this is done in a couple of ways. First we need a way of bypassing the CPU on the motherboard and freeing it up for other task. Next we need to do it faster than the motherboard CPU ever could. This is how we boost performance in the system. For you that have a AGP Video card you already know the performance it offers along with treating the rest of the system well. Now most of the performance that you get out of a Video Card needs to be addressed by understanding the Windows Operating System some. Windows plays a critical role in all of this.

-Windows, provides a standard interface for the software and hardware to talk to one another. This is usually done in DOS and is used directly to display graphics, text, and other information. Most of the software running is done in layers. The combination of these software layer will end up improving performance. One thing to consider is that the software and the hardware is what make the magic, without them the hardware wouldn't know it own name. Now how does 2D work and do it's magic on your system? Look at 2D graphics acceleration.

2D Operations

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