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C.Haines 8/99

-We all know Seagate as a trustworthy source for good Hard Drives and service. Seagate has a new one out in its Barracuda line very cheap, $299.00 cheap that is! Well I know you may be thinking that you can go get a good Hard Drive for $100.00 but check this one out. Seagate has upped the disk density to 7.1 GB per disk turning into 28 GB hard drives. When will this ever stop? I have a 8GB hard drive I never fill up!?

-Some big key features:

  • 28 GB

  • 7200 RPM

  • 8.6 msec seek time

  • Over 40MB/second internal transfer rate

  • Ultra ATA/66 ( 66 MB/second)

-I think its safe to say the 500MB Hard Drive is dead and gone. I don't think with these specs you will have to many problems later on with storage. This is clearly over kill in storage unless you run a server.

Keep An Eye Out For

-The ATA/66 may not be supported on your system's motherboard and BIOS. Make sure and check with Vendor if unsure. You wont get the full benefit from this drive if your motherboard and Operating System doesn't except it. You can however run it on your existing ATA/33 system. You will also need to be running Win95,98 or OSR2 operating systems for the ATA/66 to be recognized.


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