10 Recommendations For Your Computer Security

1. Take some time to learn about your computer security!

2. Buy yourself and use antivirus software that you can rely on. Choose an antivirus with a good background!

3. Choose a firewall solution. Like the antivirus, independent firewall software is the better solution. Some operating systems come with a firewall that can filter traffic. Use a firewall that can control Internet traffic in both ways – in and out.

4. Don’t open emails from unknown sources or sources in which you don’t trust. Many viruses spread trough email messages, so you must ask for the sender confirmation if you are in doubt.

5. Don’t open attachments for emails that have a suspicious or unusual subject. If you really want to open them, you must first save them to your computer HDD and scan them with updated antivirus software.

6. Erase any unwanted email or chain emails. Don’t forward and don’t reply. This kind of email is considered spam, because is unsolicited and unwanted and its scope is to create a heavy traffic on the Internet.

7. Don’t install services and applications to your desktop, in case you don’t need them daily. Some examples of this kind of software are: Remote Desktop server, file transfer applications or file partitioning servers. Those applications have a potential risk and must not be installed in case they are not necessary.

8. Refresh your system and the applications on it as often as possible. Some operating systems can be set to auto refresh. Use these facilities. Otherwise, you’ll have vulnerabilities for common threats.

9. Don’t copy files unless you know its source. Verify the source and make sure the antivirus software scanned the files.

10. Make a backup to your most important data (email, document, photos etc.) and place them on CDs or DVDs. Keep your archive elsewhere than on your computer.

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