Windows XP Password Recovery – Without Additional Tools

Last night you decided to change your Windows XP administrator password. You thought a lot, to choose a good one. You change it several times, because you could not decide what was the best… You wake up in the morning and you realize the new password doesn’t work… You forgot the password…

Now you are at your friend’s house, browsing the Internet for a method to change the password without loosing any data.

You can take your Hard Disk out of your computer and install it into your friend’s system (which may have a Windows XP installed) – this is the answer. But you realize you cannot do this!!! Your guarantee period is not expired!

You can, as well, download some tools to help you hack your system. You can spend some money on this kind of software.

But, there is a method! Cheap… Easy….

You can use your original Windows XP CD (I assume you have the license key – you will need it)!

These are the steps:

- Start your computer with the original Windows XP CD inside the CD-ROM drive (you must set your bios first to boot from CD – which, in many cases is set as the default option).

- When the message: “Press any key to boot from CD” appears on your screen, you will have to press any key. Of course.

- “Press Enter to Setup Windows now” – when the message appear on the Welcome blue screen.

- Confirm (F8) the license agreement.

- Make a Repair operation to your XP installation (use the arrows to select your installation if you have multiple systems, and press R, as the message says).

- You must wait some time for the files to be copied and the system will automatically reboot. This time DON’T press any key… you don’t want to boot from CD again!

- You must be very careful now and watch the left side of the screen! When the installing device progress bar appears, press SHIFT+F10. A command console is now opened.

- Type in the command console the following: NUSRMGR.CPL then press Enter. Now you have the user account screen from Control Panel.

- Here is the place where you can make changes in any account (including the administrator account). So, you can change the password as you did last night!

- After the things are done, close the window, close the command console (type Exit at the prompt, and press Enter). The repair process will continue. You will be asked for the license key. Wait until the repairing is completed, otherwise you’ll have to repeat the operation!

It is a method tested on Windows XP SP1 and SP2 and works very fine. As you can imagine, you can have access to other resources than accounts. In that text console you have administrative rights, and you can do anything you want :)

Support on Windows 95 / 98

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