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Lumenati Introduces A Free Advanced Digital and Broadband Media Player

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Date: 12 Sep 2001
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San Rafael, CA, May 31, 2001-Lumenati, Inc., a leader in defining and building innovative digital entertainment technologies formerly known as NetTV, today announced the availability of a robust new digital multimedia application, optimized for the rapidly growing broadband-enabled audience. Lumenati Basic,™ now available for free download over the Internet, is a leading-edge digital entertainment management tool that puts into the hands of PC-users the power to conveniently find, manage, organize, and play compelling digital content when and how they want it. With Lumenati Basic, available at www.lumenati.com/free_download.html users can locate and play streaming audio and video clips, DVDs, CDs and TV - all in a single user interface. Functions of the software include · a user-friendly media manager, · a comprehensive online content guide, · combined audio/video play lists and party lists · automatic MP3 identification and management, · song, artist and album information display via CDDB® smart CD player interface, · category-specific content recommendations via a "What's Hot" section, · DVD playback, · two screen interface for simultaneous TV viewing and web browsing, · a CD ripping 30 day trial, and · online shopping (personalized overtime with consistent use of the software). "We are pleased to debut our first product representing our new, powerful line of digital entertainment technology applications from Lumenati Maximum Entertainment. -more- Lumenati Basic is so much more than a universal media player (UMP)," said Ron Perkes, President and founder of Lumenati/NetTV. "Lumenati solves the 'too many players' problem. It is the first free publicly available software program with all of its other specific functionalities. It brings to the consumer many such conveniences as running MP3, Windows Media Player™ and QuickTime® files along with the ability to create party play lists from a mix of audio and video items. "The applications for this program are limitless," continued Perkes. "Lumenati is fundamentally a radically new digital entertainment operating environment that converts your desktop or notebook computer into a digital entertainment appliance, especially for those who have computers with a DVD drive, for online audiophiles-types or avid MP3 and Napster fans, and MPEG4 and Divx users." This is the first of a number of anticipated Lumenati Maximum Entertainment products, all designed to put the power, flexibility and convenience of digital content management into the hands of the consumer. The company will also soon introduce Lumenati Max™. Users who want to rip songs from CDs and turn them into MP3s and to burn custom CDs will be able to do so easily and conveniently by upgrading to Lumenati Max, expected to be available as early as mid-June at a competitive price point. Beyond CD burning and ripping, Lumenati Max will include an advanced DVD codec which when combined with the right hardware will deliver six channel high quality Dolby Digital™ and DTS™ sound, along with support for widescreen displays. Lumenati Basic can be downloaded within a few minutes utilizing a broadband Internet connection (download time will take longer with standard dial-up Internet access) and is a Windows-based ('98/2000/ME) 5MB personal computer software program. Aside from the typical computer and display devise, users will utilize Apple QuickTime 4 & 5, Windows Media Player 6.4, MS DirectMedia 6, and Internet Explorer 4. To run optimally, 10MB of free disk space is required, plus DVD and/or CD ROM drives and/or a TV tuner card for corresponding features. For a review of this product and supporting editorial documents, please visit: § www.lumenati.com/free_download.html § http://lumenati.com/Lumenati_PDF/usersguide.pdf § http://lumenati.com/Lumenati_PDF/glossary.pdf San Rafael-based Lumenati, Inc. develops technologies that empower people to discover manage and enjoy the world of digital and broadband entertainment. Since its inception in 1996, it has been distributing an award-winning line of digital televisions/display devices under the brand NetTV that continues today. Lumenati's NetTV division has also recently debuted a high-end residential home gateway product, Catipult dvd™. -more- Lead venture capital firms invested in Lumenati, Inc. include Pequot Capital Management, Buchanan Investments, and Encore Capital Management. For additional information, please visit www.lumenati.com, www.net-tv.net, or call 415-455-9500. Lumenati, Lumenati Basic, Lumenati Max and NetTV are registered trademarks of Lumenati, Inc. © Copyright 2001 Lumenati, Inc. All Rights Reserved. All other names and trademarks are property of their respective owners. ###