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-Good links outside our site that is a must have of your favorite hardware links! Check them out and see for yourself.

There are times when we need more information about hardware and even reviews on the latest Operating System's. Check out PC Mechanic.



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Tired of Windows slowing you down and just not running at its peak? Take a visit on over to tweaktown for the latest on software, hardware, and overclocking just to name a few.



Most of you know that heat in the PC system is a killer. The CPU is no exception! This is were the heat sink guide comes in and shows you all the how to's and what's best and what's not! 

The Heat Sink Guide



If you need to know what the best of hardware and performance is check out Maximum Hardware. Everything from reviews to how to tutorials. Check them out today!



If you are looking for everything hardware and PC check out this site. There is a little there for all of us.



U-Geek is the newest link partner with waterwheel and is a site worth looking into.

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