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Handy Downloads

-98 Start Up Disk, If you are building a computer you will need the start up disk like its going out of style. This is a common goof for most people when building a computer. This is a clean basic Windows 98 boot disk to help you into loading windows 98.

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-95 Start Up Disk, Simply a way to boot up into windows 95 along with utilities you need to load Windows 95 on your new computer.

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-Western Digital, this is a common utility made by Western Digital and is great for partitioning the hard drive along with a great format. Makes getting your hard drive ready for your new operating system a breeze!

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-Seagate, this is a utility that is great for partitioning a new hard disk, it is also able to make the new disk the bootable one, swapping all files from the original boot drive to the new one. Available in DOS, Windows and Web based applications.

Internet Chat

-ICQ, this a chat program that allows you to talk to your buddies when they are online. It also lets you know when they are online. Most of you may already tried ICQ and love it. This is a later version that is PC format.

-MSN Messenger, this is a chat program made by microsoft and is great if you want to stay in touch with friends. Works similar to ICQ but not as much versatility. Handy if you have many friends on MSN. Nearly everyone with a hotmail email account with have an msn account as they share the login.


-WinRAR, if you want to zip files you need this little dude. You will also need this if you are downloading zip files so to unzip later.


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