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Linux Operating System

-Linux is really a neat O/S and worth your consideration. I have just recently stumbled upon Linux and learning more about it daily. Most people only know Windows and nothing else, there's more folks! Linux offers more versatility than Windows and seems to run forever without fail.


-A man by the name of Linus Torvalds came up with this operating system in 1991. Apparently he was not happy with his new 386 IBM machine and wanted a better O/S for the hardware. He the decided to run Unix on his machine but Unix was far from being cheap, thus spawns the Linux kernal.

The Good

-Linux is highly customizable and FREE first off. You can trick it out the way you like it. Linux is also very, very stable to work with. You wont need to reboot it periodically like Windows. Another good mark on Linux is its developed by programmers all over the world, making it better every day.

The Bad

-Linux for the common PC user isn't easy to use as you would think. Though its always getting better and has a million tools available it very different. It does however offer a GUI (Graphical User Interface) like Windows but still doesn't seem to have the ease of use like Windows. I will be the first to admit that Linux is a better O/S but not as easy to use as Windows. Another sad part about Linux is its not widely supported and popular as Windows is. This isn't just prone to Linux but all O/S. This is part of the reason Microsoft is in Court every week, I thinks its called a Monopoly? haha..

Do With It?

-You can use Linux in the same way as any other O/S and even surf the web. Some people use Linux as a Server Application and save Big Bucks over the Microsoft NT environment. If you have ever used a NT server you know that its down most of the time. This website was hosted on a NT server at one time and we couldn't stand it anymore, to many problems and needed a reboot regularly. Now we are hosted on a UNIX machine that has yet to go down. This of course is the idea behind Linux, it almost never crashes nor needs rebooting daily!


-Installing Linux isn't the nightmare it was at one time. You can purchase the Operating System on Disk to make it easier, you can also download the O/S from the net if you have a few days. Its much easier to buy the O/S from a vendor. When installing the Linux system you can also run Windows along with it on the same hard drive. To do this you also have to make a partition of its own. This can be done with a good partition program in two ways, destructive and non-destructive. The destructive side is re-formatting the hard drive and setting it with two partitions, one for windows and one for Linux. The non-destructive way is the simply use a program like Partition Magic and make your partition without destroying the data you now have. I have tried both ways and I assure you the non-destructive is the way to go if possible, reloading windows and all the drivers can be a real mess.

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