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-If you own a computer chances are you also own a copy of Windows. Most of us have to re-learn Windows ever other year just because of newer and better technologies. Well we felt that offering a section to windows and other operating systems would be of great help to those of you out there that need it. Take a look below for helpful tips on Windows.

Windows 95

Customize Win 95
-Changing Sounds
-Changing Colors
-Creating Shortcuts
-Changing and Configuring Time

File Structures in 95

-Checking Hard Drive Space
-Copying Files
-Creating A New Folder
-Displaying All File Types
-Moving Files
-Permanently Deleting Files
-Renaming Files
-Search For and Delete Temporary Files
-Searching For Files
-Selecting Multiple Files

Graphical User Interface 
-Displaying Object Properties


Windows 98

Customize Win 98
-Alphabetize The Startup Menu
-Customize The Toolbar
-Bypass Windows Startup Password
-Enable Thumbnail Views
-Floating The Launchbar
-Redecorate Folders Your Way
-Screen Effects
-Screen Saver Timings
-A Tool Bar on The Task Bar

Windows 98 Desktop
-What's Found On the Desktop
-Accessing Icon's From Start Menu
-Capture The Screen As A Graphic
-Change Desktop Resolution
-Change Colors
-Clear Document Menu
-Control The Volume
-Deleting Start Menu Items
-Refreshing The Desktop
-Closing All Windows In One Click

File Structures in 98

-Associating Same File With Different Applications
-Change Recycle Bin Percentage
-Check Space On Hard Drive
-Copy A Floppy Disk
-Create Cascading Cache Files On Start Menu
-Creating A New Folder
-Right Click Deleting
-Displaying All Files In A Folder
-Get Rid Of Windows 98 Uninstall Files
-Fully Expand A Folders Contents
-Making File Labels In CAPS
-Make A File "Read Only"
-Manage Files From The Search Window
-Recover Files From Recycle Bin
-Right Click Renaming Files
-Restart Windows 98 FAST
-Reusing A Previous Search
-Right Click Save A File
-Search For Files
-Select Multiple Files

Mouse Configuration

-Changing Double Click Speed
-Changing Speed Of Mouse
-Changing The Cursor
-Turning On Mouse Trails


-Print to Multiple Printers

Upgrading To Win98

-Getting Prepared For Windows 98
-Starting the Upgrade From Win 95
-Upgrading From Scratch (Excerpt From Building A PC)


-Configure Startup Files
-Improve Graphic Speeds


- Operating Systems
- Selecting the Best Cooling Method
- Buying A New PC
- A Slow PC
- Pushing Binary: The Benefits Of BitTorrent
- Web Pages


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