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-Figuring out what is wrong with the CD-ROM can become a nightmare. Most of the time its just a bad cable or even a driver. Even worse than this is the drive itself is bad. If so you should just replace it. Here is some common things to look for when a CD-ROM goes bad on you.

-Double check the cables on the CD-ROM. Check the power cable also. Is it loose? Is there excessive heat is case? A bad power supply can also cause some strange problems with the CD-ROM

-Check under windows to make sure that windows see's it. This can be done in the control panel, then on systems, look at the device tab, click on cd-rom and see if signs of worry.

-Check CD-Disc itself you are using. It may be bad.

-Clean the CD-ROM with some compressed air

-If you just installed it did you insure the master/slave settings are correct?

-These are just a few to consider and apply to CD-ROM's and the like. The biggest problem is to figure out if you have a hardware problem or is it software? You can update the CD-ROM/Writer driver if all else fails.

-This can be done by going back to systems icon under the control panel. Pick what drive you want and double click it. You will be brought to another display with the properties of this device. Choose driver and click update. Make sure and have the installation disk handy.

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