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-The CPU is that little device located on your motherboard that seems to be the heart of the system. Your CPU has several jobs but only one primary objective, that is take simple task's and do them FAST! As you look around for a CPU you need to be aware which one will suit your needs. Most CPU's do the same things but some do them a little better than others. Which one is right for you is the question.


-There are a two primary chip makers to take seriously and consider there products these would be Intel and AMD. Both of these are great company's and you will find there processors in systems all over the world.

-Intel is the makers of the Pentium Chips you here of the most and have been making CPU's for what seems like ever. Intel definitely has the most experience and make a great CPU. The only gripe I have with Intel is Quality and Cost.

-AMD is fairly new on the scene and most people are just getting familiar with them. They are Intel's primary competition and offer a great processor. AMD is just now getting to the point of being on top of the CPU market as far as speed and price are concerned.

-Well now you know a little about the primary players you should know a little more about what makes the processor itself. Go ahead and check out clock speeds.

Clock Speeds

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