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-Now most computer keyboards operate on the same principle but there are many variations. I have seen many with mouse pads built in along with sound, microphones, scanners and so on. This gets a little crazy after a while but I guess someone needs it. Now most keyboards are 101 keys and pretty basic stuff. If you do much office work you may want to insure you get a keyboard with a number pad. This pretty standard and may already be on your current system.

-Now if you look around you will see some strange looking stuff they call ergonomical. This is a great change for the corporate world along with you and I. My hands, neck, and shoulders constantly ache from typing and pushing my mouse around. It all gets a little more complicated than just that but you get the idea. Something to consider is a ergonomical keyboard to take out some of the stress on your hands. A pad for you palm is also an idea. There are also all types of keyboard that are color coded and come with programmable keys for faster application launches. This in itself can become a nightmare. The hot keys or programmable keys can really confuse each other and not recommended. Stick with the ole function keys at the top of the board if possible. Now as far as the scanners and sound goes in the keyboard that is just another integrated feature that can break. You are better off buying those parts separate unless space is a big concern.

-The main factor when choosing a computer keyboard is comfort. Try it out and see how your hands like it. When purchasing the keyboard keep in mind that expensive doesn’t mean quality. The cheaper I get on a keyboard the longer it seems to last. Of course this is all in reason. Don’t pay two bucks and expect it to work but ten or twenty will do the trick. Now I know it sounds nut but don’t spend any large amount of a keyboard with all the belts and whistles. Most of the add on items will become a problem later and are just for looks after a while.

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