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Motherboard Introduction

Upgrading Motherboard

-Also referred to system board and mainboard. The motherboard is the foundation of the PC system. Without the motherboard there would be no computer. Now there are some major parts of the motherboard that you need to understand and get very familiar with. As always I will try to make this as simply to understand as possible.

-So you know what the main idea is of the motherboard now you need to know what its functions are and how it works. Take a look at functions.

-It's actually pretty difficult to upgrade your motherboard as you will have to undo everything. In most cases, it's easier to just build a new computer and use your old computer's components to install onto your newly upgraded motherboard.

-When shopping for a motherboard, there are many different types and only certain motherboards work with certain hard drive, CPU, and other hardware. You have to choose your other components before you can make a good decision on your new motherboard.

Motherboard Functions

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