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Buying a Modem

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-The modem allows us to connect at those ever so slow speeds of 56k on the internet. Now to some this may seem fast and to the rest of the world it is still just to slow. The 56k modem will be around a while but its internet life wont be a long one. Regardless, you need a 56k modem and you want a good one! Pay no attention to specs alone out there, look for name brands along with specs. I have learned this lesson the hard way by buying cheap modems that don't work well or depend on software rather than the hardware.

-The best going modem that I would recommend is US Robotics. They have been in the business for years and do a great job. The cheapest US Robotics modem is fairly expensive but well worth it. As a note, do not go any less than a 56k V.90 Modem. You want it to have backward compatibility for all Internet Service Providers and other modems. The V.90 Standard takes up the slack in this area.

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