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Capturing Screen Shots


Capturing A Screen Shot

When working in Windows 98 there may be a time when you wish you could place a copy of what you see on your screen into another document. Windows 98 provides you with a simple and effective means for capturing a screen shot. Here's how you do it:

1 - To take a picture of the entire Windows 98 screen at ANY time (that means everything you can see on the monitor), press the [PrintScrn] key

2 - To take a picture of the only the active window press the [Alt] and [PrintScrn] keys together.

Windows 98 copies a picture of the screen or the active window to the Clipboard. From there, you can paste the picture into your word processor, spreadsheet, or virtually any other Windows program, using that application's Edit and Paste commands. 

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Last indexed: Nov, 2005