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f the computer was as modern as it's supposed to be we wouldn't need to back up data. The sad side is that Hardware is pretty dependable but the Software is still flaky even on the newest version of Windows. I can't go to many days before windows needs a reboot and a little maintenance. It's just a fact of life right now. Windows isn't perfect and we need a way to back up what data we have. Thankfully there are many ways to do this and Windows has a built in feature for this itself.

Backing Up

-Many users will at one time or another need to restore their system. Now if you have had this problem it most likely ended in a phone call to technical support only to instigate a reformat of the hard drive. This isn't always necessary especially if you do routine maintenance on the system and back it up. Remember that those guys on the technical support line are reading out of a manual. Most of them have no clue how to repair a computer of even back it up. Well today we will show you how to back up your Windows system.

-We need to make sure that Microsoft's back up is available on the system. If it's not installed you may need to load it with your windows 98 CD or the setup CD that came with the computer. Look under the control panel, which is located under settings, and go to add/remove programs. Click add/remove programs and choose the Windows Setup Tab. Choose System tools and double click it. Make sure that the backup box is checked. If not check it and have the windows 98 CD ready. This is about 5 MB of software to be loaded and will go fast.
NB: Windows XP has this installed by default.

-A note about other Windows back up programs. Make sure they support back up for your version of Windows! If it isn't fully supported you may end up with a bad backup. Some backup programs will not support longer file names that are located in Windows.


-We will use a CD/DVD-Writer in this tutorial and it is a handy little device. Now if you are thinking that you want to back up on floppies you may want to by 400MB worth of them. Yikes!! There is no pre-requisite for using a CD/DVD-Writer; you can also use another hard drive for this operation. If you have a second Hard Drive you can easily back up data to it.

-Make sure that you have a blank Re-Write or Write DVD/CD. Some of these may require a format especially the Write disk before you actually write your backup. Please note: CD's store 650MB whilst DVD's store 4.2GB. DVD would be the logical choice here due to storage capacity. (and of course a 2nd hard disk)


1. Start Button, Programs, Accessories, System Tools, Backup
2. You will see a Dialog welcoming you to Microsoft's backup. Also notice it will ask you what you want to do? Choose "Create New Backup Job" and click "OK".
3. Now you should be prompted "what to back up"?
4. Choose "back up my computer,back up all files and folders" Click "Next"
5. Now we are in a Back Up Wizards. This wizard will let you add on to your last backup if you have already been through the process before. If this is the first time to backup choose "all selected files" If not then choose "New and Change Files".
6. Now where to Back up to? If you are using a CD-Writer make sure to back up to the drive letter of it. Here is an example: D:\Backup.qic. Change the drive letter to correspond with your drive.
7. Click Start

-Easy enough isn't it!? Now should you corrupt your system or just want to back it up again, go through the wizards steps.

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