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-At one time if you wanted a good connection to the internet you would need what's called a ISDN line (Integrated Service Digital Network). Now some of you may already have it or checked into it. You may also know its not cheap and not that fast compared to what's out there now. Also its not easy to manage.

-The ISDN is a digital line that allows for 128k data rates in both directions. This is pretty big step from a 56k modem which will send at 33.6 and receive at 53k(if your lucky).

-The ISDN consist of three channels in order to work. In this we have a 16k data (D) channel that carries commands and control data. Then we have two(B) Bearer channels that carry data itself. Also the ISDN will incorporate a larger cord connection called a RJ45 compared to a telephone cord connection which is a RJ11 jack.

-In order for this to all work we need an adapter or modem card. This provides an interface between the ISDN network which may be through your phone company. The sad part is that ISDN is fast and better than a analog modem but it is a rip off. Some phone company's charge enormous amounts just to use a data channel and then you have to worry about another charge from your ISP (internet service provider). I would go another route if possible.

-Look into DSL has a good alternative and not to expensive. Beware of hidden cost though! Check out DSL.


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