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Getting To Know Electronics and Electricity

-Dealing with the PC can become a little bit of a danger if you are unware of some simple facts.  Most of the danger seems to reside in you just destroying the PC or its components  rather than it destroying you. However, we need to pay attention to electricity and electronics, what does it mean to you? We will try to answer this and make since of it all. Make sure and read a little on Electrostatic Discharge at the very least. And don't forget that some components can store power and give you a nasty shock even when they are not plugged into the mains.

-Understanding electricity


-Basic Electronics

-Electrostatic Discharge

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Getting Started

Component Shopping
Electrostatic Discharge


Build A PC

1. Preparing the Computer Case and Motherboard
2. Computer Processor and Computer Memory Installation
3. Install Motherboard Into Case
4. Installing Hard Drive, Installing CD-ROM and Floppy Disk
5. Installing Expansion Cards, Installing PCI Cards
6. Installing Computer Peripherals, Installing Monitor and Sound Cards
Double Check
First Boot
Load Windows


Extra Stuff

Installing Device Software



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