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Build a PC Troubleshooting

-Now if you are like me you screwed up somewhere. I will list some common mistakes and the answers. There is no way to list all of them of course. I hope your answer is in here. 

-Problem: No signal to monitor?

-Solution: Check cable is the first suspect. Make sure it is attached to the card and seated correctly! With system shutdown and unplugged make sure Video Card is seated in its slot. Even the slightest movement can make it work incorrectly.

-Problem: Hard Drive or other drives not being found.

-Solution: Make sure the IDE cables themselves are installed correctly. Look at the IDE cable itself and take notice of how it is keyed. The red line on the wire should point to the power connector on the hard drive, CD-ROM, and even the floppy. Pay attention to the motherboard and the layout of the IDE connectors also.

-Problem: Floppy drive running constantly.

-Solution: Same as above make sure the cable is connected properly.

-Problem: indicator Lights not coming on, along with speaker and maybe even even power button not working.

-Solution: Make sure the and narrow down what lights work if any. Simply turn the leads around on there pins in another direction. You may just have them backwards. Refer to the motherboard manual again to insure proper placement. If you are not getting power to PC make sure you have the power lead to the motherboard and in right direction.

-Problem: Memory not counting or not as much as I installed.

-Solution: Make sure memory is seated correctly!

-Problem: Mouse not working or keyboard not working.

-Solution: Make sure they are in the right ps/2 port and not backwards. The system can boot with them backwards and not work correctly.

-Problem: My computer is beeping like crazy! What is this?

-Solution: These are error codes. These are not the same for all systems. This indicates an error. See Double Check..

More Troubleshooting By Device:

* Case and Power Supply
* Motherboard
* Memory
* Sound
* Modem
* Video
* Monitor
* Keyboard and Mice
* CD-ROM's
* Hard Drives and Floppy's
* Printers



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Getting Started

Component Shopping
Electrostatic Discharge


Build A PC

1. Preparing the Computer Case and Motherboard
2. Computer Processor and Computer Memory Installation
3. Install Motherboard Into Case
4. Installing Hard Drive, Installing CD-ROM and Floppy Disk
5. Installing Expansion Cards, Installing PCI Cards
6. Installing Computer Peripherals, Installing Monitor and Sound Cards
Double Check
First Boot
Load Windows


Extra Stuff

Installing Device Software



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