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Build a PC double check

-Now if you made it this far you are ready to crank that little dude up. Before we do this we need to double check the work.

Inside Case

-Make sure that all IDE cables are seated and didn't move or unseat while installing other devices. Make sure they are keyed in the right direction and that the red lines faces power connector on drives. On the motherboard side the cable will be slotted to go in one direction.

-Check all power connectors make sure they are seated.

-Check all wiring and make sure they are out of way of any fans of sides of case were they may be caught.

-Make sure all drives are snug and tight.

-Make sure there is no play in motherboard itself and snug. Double check back of motherboard plate to insure no orphan brass standoff. This can cause a short.

-Insure all add in cards are snug and seated. Make sure RAM modules are seated well and snapped in place. 

Outside Case

-Double check all external wiring such as mouse, keyboard, monitor, and so on. Make sure they are snug into there connectors and seated.


First boot



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Getting Started

Component Shopping
Electrostatic Discharge


Build A PC

1. Preparing the Computer Case and Motherboard
2. Computer Processor and Computer Memory Installation
3. Install Motherboard Into Case
4. Installing Hard Drive, Installing CD-ROM and Floppy Disk
5. Installing Expansion Cards, Installing PCI Cards
6. Installing Computer Peripherals, Installing Monitor and Sound Cards
Double Check
First Boot
Load Windows


Extra Stuff

Installing Device Software



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