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Hard Drive

-On the back of the Hard Drive you will see a power connector and a jumper. The jumper is to set the drive as a Master or a Slave. If you are running one Hard Drive you will want to set this as a Master. Simply take the jumper and set to the pins that note it as a master. Real simple just look at the back of drive. Pins are in a vertical fashion. Set jumper over pins and you are ready to slide that puppy in. New SATA drives don't require you to set any jumpers, and new ATA133 drives auto sense master and slave settings.

-In the case you will see most of the time a place that is marked HDD and FDD. This means Hard Drive and Floppy Drive. If you have a ATX minitower the hard drive will more than likely install on the bottom drive bay of the case. This is so on most modern towers. You will want to install the drive by sliding it in the bay with connectors facing the back of computer. With Hard Drive installed simply take at least four screws and snug it down.

-Installing A Hard Drive-


-This is about the same as Hard Drive. You will not have to worry about the jumper setting though. Simple slide the floppy in through the front of case in you desired spot. Make sure that the front of drive is flush with case. This is purely for cosmetic reason only. Tighten floppy down from the inside of case.

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-You will have a jumper on this one also. Depending on the number of hard drives, and the number of CD-ROMS you have, the master and slave setting will vary. If you have two hard disks, they will be on a different IDE channel to the CD-ROM, as each IDE channel can only support two components, so you set the CD-ROM to master. Now take drive and slide in through front of case and screw it down snug. Again make sure that the CD-ROM is nice and flush with front of case for cosmetic reasons.

-Installing Optical Drives CD-ROM, CD-RW, DVD-ROM, DVD-RW-

Step #5 - Installing Expansion Cards, Installing PCI Cards



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